I had this whole long festive post, and then I lost it. And apparently I hadn’t saved it, because it’s now gone. Sigh.

The song for today is “Oh! Look at the Sky!” It’s a sprightly Welsh tune, so you ought really to sing in eight part harmony with all your friends, plus a flute and a violin played by people who heard you singing and thought they’d like to join in. If you can’t manage that, it’s nice to hum and dance around to.

It’s fully light now, so I must run to the grocery store before it gets crowded. I need to finish up #2 son’s sweater before Christmas, and finish decorating, and bake, and other jolly stuff like that.

I had told you all about my second annual caroling excursion with the Oakland Zion Ladies Missionary Position Glee Club, but I can’t be expected to write all that again, can I?

Enjoy your Saturday.