Today is my final foray into stores before Christmas. This is because it is payday, and the Saturday following the December payday is always the day that I do the last grocery shopping, buy stamps and mail the Christmas cards, pick up the remaining stocking stuffers, help the kids with their holiday shopping, order the goods for reveillon from the butcher and baker (although #2 son says he will make us a Buche de Noel, so I may not be going to the baker after all), and generally tidy up any leftover errands for the holiday.

Today I also have a haircut and Mrs. Santa’s Kitchen (a charity cookie do).

Since I have done the Holiday Grand Plan and Ovecome Agoraphobia, I am almost able to look forward to all this. I will not be a Stage 3 shopper or even a Stage 2. The weather is lovely, and the cookie thing will probably be fun. I may even buy cookies there.

I am definitely looking forward to getting back home this afternoon, though of course there will be much cleaning and decorating and baking still to do then.

This has for the past several years also been when #2 daughter got home for Christmas, and between declaring preparations (outside the kitchen) complete and having her home, we have gotten into the habit of letting this be the beginning of the revels.

She will not join us till Christmas Eve this year, since she is not a college girl any more but a grownup with a job and her own home and all that. #1 daughter and Son-in-law will not be here at all for the holidays.

Unfortunately, while I got all my gingerbread boys baked, I did not get them decorated, owing to a complete lack of powdered sugar in the house. I must therefore go to the grocery, come home and decorate cookies, drop them off, get my haircut, go back and help, and then do the remaining errands on a Saturday afternoon the week before Christmas. For which read: crowds and traffic.

Well, I may be trying to stay positive about all this, but I am not sure that I am succeeding. I am feeling a little grim abour it, frankly.

The only possible song for today is “Silver Bells.” You probably know this one already, but it is a happy, jolly song about crowds and rushing around doing errands, and will uplift those of us who have to do that today.

Later, taking a lunch break… It hasn’t been bad at all. It has been fun. I am making a note of this for my future self. Onward!