Autocorrect humor isn’t really funny. People will be texting each other and suddenly they find they’ve said, “Yeah I’m excited about my new job. Just picked up my new unicorn” instead of “uniform.” The recipient cracks up and posts it online. Only most of the time the mixup that gets posted online is unrepeatable words, often in conversations with people’s moms.

I just read a whole page of these things, laughing like a deranged person all alone in the living room.

There are several possible lessons here.

  1. Proofreading is important even while texting.
  2. Facebook links cause people to waste time in new and uncharacteristic ways.
  3. I need tea and possibly even breakfast.

It may also be that I’m so happy about having #2 Son home for the holidays and also about the three new retainer clients we signed up yesterday that I’m willing to laugh about stuff that isn’t necessarily that funny, and that’s a good thing.

In that spirit, I offer you Marshmallow World, a cheerfully surreal song from the mid 20th century. #1 Daughter and I went to a Christmas party yesterday at the shop of one of our competitors. I was looking forward to it. Our company is too small and too family to have an office party, and I was missing that. This is because my idea of office parties is based on The Desk Set. In real life, I’m told, office parties don’t involve sloping off work to drink champagne and sing songs. They involve hanging out after work with people you don’t like much.

In any case, at the BBQ someone mentioned that there hadn’t been a really good new Christmas song since the 1960s. I could tell this wasn’t the crowd in which to bring up Born on a New Day,so I just agreed. Another person averred that this was becase we didn’t have the strong family values of the mid 20th century. This was followed by a 40 minute monologue of her experiences as an adoptive mom, when honestly I would have been much more interested in continuing the discussion of carols.

For example, can we say that “Marshmallow World,” written in 1949 by Sigman and DeRose but not really popular until the 1960s, shows strong family values? One of the more interesting verses goes like this:

“Those are marshmallow clouds being friendly,
In the arms of the evergreen trees,
And the sun is red like a pumpkin head,
It’s shining so your nose won’t freeze.”

Really, the whole song is very stupid. It’s cheery, though, so if you’re out doing holiday shopping or something you can sing it gleefully. You can also sing “Born on a New Day” if you’re not up to envisioning the landscape as a sticky mess.