The Poster Queen sent me this excellent cartoon of “White Christmas.” It’s The Drifters’ version, which is my favorite. I do not want a white Christmas or anything approaching it, but I like the song. Really, we ought to have a Yuletide carol, so here is Jibjab’s jolly video of Bush singing “Deck the Halls,” a fine old Welsh carol, with the assistance of the boys and girls on the hill. Here you can find a nice Mp3 of the “Gloucester Wassail.” Here you will find “The Holly and the Ivy,” another excellent yuletide carol.

We are having a bit of a party at work today. We used to have a potluck on the Saturday before Christmas, and those of us who weren’t working would come in and take a turn at the register so that everyone could partake. I usually made cioppino or tortellini soup, and people’s families would drop by and join in, and it was quite festive. We skipped it last year, and this year we are carrying out pizza and celebrating with fewer people and on a smaller scale. I believe I will take a plate of cookies.

I had intended, since I will be at the store again today, to be at the grocery store when the sun rose so we would have something in the house besides cookies, but the sun is rising just now and I am not even dressed yet.