pipes 1230 Here is Pipes, getting longer. I put it out on the rainy porch in hopes that the lighting would allow you to see the nice ribbing.

Yesterday was a slightly stressful day. I was in the dentist’s waiting room before work and on the freeway, though in the passenger’s seat, after work.

The big news is that this only made it a slightly stressful day.

I once read that the TV program “Monk,” which has a protagonist with a lot of phobias and other weird things, was unrealistic, because he would — if he kept having to be in situations which sparked phobic reactions — get better or refuse to continue.  

While I would often prefer to refuse to do things on my aversions list, I am doing them, and I am continually finding it easier. If I had not Overcome Agoraphobia, I could expect my aversions list to get longer and my ability to do these things would continually decrease, so this is a good thing. In fact, last night I was talking with #2 son about our long list of errands for the day, and I sort of automatically rejoiced that snow was not predicted, but immediately realized that it has been so warm that, even if it did snow, the roads would have been clear enough for me to drive. A year or two ago, I would not have been able to realize that, because I responded to the possibility of snow exactly as though it were the possiblity of land mines under my driveway. And even my discomfort on the freeway last night was really just discomfort, not terror. Of course, I wasn’t driving. But I have been terrified as a passenger on a perfectly normal freeway plenty of times in the past. This time, my physical responses to it were not as strong (my hands, for example, did not turn to ice), and the unpleasantness of it was only about equal to my awareness that it was an irrational response. Further evidence of the efficacy of the Snap Out of It method of coping with small mental disorders 😉

Here are the FOs of 2006:

hymnal markerI made lots of soldered charms. Here is a representative example.









daffodils omiyage — I made three of these








mocs mocassins from a kit. It turned out that everyone who saw these wanted a pair, so there will be more of these in my future.







completed runner#1 daughter’s table runner. This is a wrinkled, wet, picture.



gray sweater#2 son’s sweater.










completed log cabin socksLog Cabin Socks










bound runner the Princess’s runner






half a swapHalf a SWAP, I intend to get back to my SWAP — set aside in October for present-making — this weekend, and to finish it this year. In fact, one of my goals this year is to complete both Part 1 and Part 2 of the SWAP.




ktc dishcloth One of several dishcloths.







a couple of Tychus hats




camisolea retro camisole










jasmine complete Jasmine










nightdress on pillow a retro nightdress








WH tea cosy

a traditional tea cozy







complete jasmine

Another Jasmine






pleated bag

a pleated handbag






bag and plantsthe origami bag — it also had a matching origami wallet, which has brought me more visitors from google even than the page on which I incautiously included the word “sluts”origami wallet








windw seat curtains. It hardly seems right to include curtains as a FO, because they are so easy, but I like them so much that I include them in spite of that.







second  baby hat


a couple of baby hats








olympic bag


the Knitting Olympics bag









pacific prayer shawl


 a prayer shawl










an Edwardian nightgown










lace hat

a lacy hat









Finding all these FOs involved looking through all my pictures from last year — or at least the ones I’ve posted here at xanga, which included gardens and travelling, and really most of what I did last year that didn’t have any people in the picture. I was able to add the people mentally. It is clear that I had a very busy and enjoyable year, though rather stressful in spots. What year isn’t?

I have a long weekend, and a long to-do list, but it will allow continued contemplation of 2006 and what I might want to accomplish in 2007.

How about you?