formerprincess My Xanga friend the Former Princess sent me a sparkly initial magnet which I think will look splendid on the marker board in my office.

That might have been the most exciting thing today, but not the only exciting thing. #1 daugther and I had a nice working lunch at Mimi’s Cafe, where I turned down the muffin with my quiche and the nice waiter brought me double salad.

We then went on to Sephora, where I tried all the face creams in the place, at last settling on Shiseido’s White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream.

I’ll let you know if it turns out to be magic.

We played around with stuff in pretty and clever packagres, too, and #1 daughter got a new eye shadow palette. She knows way more than I do about makeup, I must say. It’s fun to go to Sephora with her. She even curls her eyelashes.

Next we went to the Fresh Market. Janalisa told me that I would like it and that it’s pretty. She didn’t mention how incredibly crowded it is on Saturdays, or how good it smells. She did say that you can’t actually do all your shopping there, but that’s because she isn’t on Balance. If you are on Balance, you just need produce, some gluten free grains, and a bit of meat, so it’s perfect. When you use Balance points, you want to use them on amazingly delicious breads and cheeses, not on ordinary foods. freshmarket

I actually liked it a lot, and I may take up shopping there regularly. I’m not sure about the prices. As the Walmart Woman explained to me a while back, people know the prices of only a few things. I have no idea what the stuff I bought there would have cost elsewhere.

I think the key is the total amount you spend. I spent about what I usually spend on groceries. If it last me a week, I’ll go back next week — but not on a Saturday.

I should now be grading papers, but I don’t feel like it. I think I’ll fix dinner and then grade papers whether I feel like it or not. My husband is out, so there’s no good reason for me not to. That is all.