I got up early this morning to finish the blog from last night which didn’t get done because I was helping my husband figure out the Roku. I did a Daily Burn workout also on the Roku. I continued to work for several hours, adding extensive links to a website while watching “Bunheads” on the Roku, which makes the Roku even as far as work goes.

I ordered books for the next holiday-books newsletter, plus Strengthsfinders for our new girl. I think we’ll keep her if she wants to stay, so this is the first step. Business cards next. I have contemplated getting nametags for everyone, too, though that may be odd for a virtual office.

I did the grocery shopping and laundry, checked out the pattern sales, and went to lunch with The Empress, That Man, and the Raven Haired Bookseller, plus assorted family members of theirs.

The conversation was somewhat odd and disjointed, actually, but the salad was nice — it’s second from top left in the photo above.


The pattern sale was the 5 for a dollar kind. I do not need patterns. I have a lot of patterns. But I often find these sales tempting. In this case, I bought a couple of blouse patterns.

Here’s the thing.I kind of plan to make another SWAP this year. I haven’t actually succeeded in completing a SWAP since I became a computer guy.

A SWAP, in case you are unfamiliar with the concept, is a Sewing With A Plan wardrobe. Instead of sewing random stuff and having nothing to wear the pieces with, you create a complete coordinated wardrobe that gives you a full month’s worth of outfits. Here’s how you do it:

  • Choose a neutral color and a fashion color.
  • Find a print containing those two colors (you can switch those first two steps).
  • Sew a jacket, skirt, and pants in the neutral color.
  • Sew the same three pieces in the fashion color, choosing shapes that let you mix the two suits. If the fashion color is too bold for a suit, you can still make a skirt.
  • Sew a two-piece dress in the print.
  • Finish out the 11 pieces with tops. Use solids that coordinate with both the fashion and the neutral color.



I have some issues with the SWAP right now. First, I have bought fabric for fall SWAPs the past two years, choosing the trendy colors at the time, so I have a large stash of slightly outdated fabric. Second, I have lost several pounds so far this month. I don’t know what size I will be by next fall.

So I’m thinking that I might instead do something I’ve done with success a couple of times as a Computer Guy: a Top Project.  If I make a bunch of new tops, I may be able to decieve people. The truth is, I always buy roughly the same trousers, often in the same colors.  My students probably don’t care anyway.

I had some breakthroughs today:

  • I actually walked into Atlanta Bread Company thinking about breakfast, but it smelled awful. I turned around, sans croissant or bagel, and walked out.
  • I went to a restaurant with friends who were ordering burgers and tacos and ate a salad with no dressing.
  • My husband suggested burgers at home for dinner. I decided to put mine on a bun even though I shouldn’t. I piled up salad and berries on the plate, and sat down with my dinner. I then threw away the bun, because it just wasn’t worth it.

I’m three weeks into this horrible Ignite thing, and I seem to be sort of getting used to it. Even when I had opportunities to cheat today, I didn’t. I took the dog for a walk before dinner.

I was supposed to go to a party tonight with my husband, but it was cancelled. I am therefore working some more.

This is not really how to do Saturday. Sure, I had social time with friends, time with my husband, errands, recreational shopping at the pattern sale, physical activity, and — well, actually, that is how to do Saturday. I also got in a good five hours of work, so I guess I have no room to complain.