I’m headed for the regional meeting this morning, and am engaged in making wee quiche tartlets for the occasion, so this is going to be brief.

#1 daughter came home last night for a visit. We were right about the town she’s in, she said. In fact, she is finding as much culture shock there in East Texas as she did in The Frozen North. I said she should just think of herself as a foreign exchange student. Her story of the wild boar the guys brought her to admire was quite funny, but I figure it will all lead to greater elasticity of the brain, always a worthwhile goal.

Over dinner, she told us all about the murder trial she was in on, and the penetrating remark she made to the prosecuting attorney during a break, which allowed him to step back in and catch the miscreant out in a lie.

I also like the story of the file that The Texas Ranger sent specially to her, labeled “For ___ from The Texas Ranger.” It could almost have seemed like a gallant gesture, had it not been a file about a floating corpse.

Everyone is being very nice to her down there. The D.A. stops by to make sure she has enough lunch money, and the Grandma invites her over for cake.

Regional meeting is our chance to try out the new recipes and see the new products. The quiche tartlets are pretty tempting.

The Empress and I met yesterday to determine strategies for postmodern retail marketing. I’m also engaged in preparation for a meeting on postmodern worship… you’ll probably be hearing more about that. I haven’t thought of myself as particularly postmodern, but who knows?

When we were checking out the leaders in our industry yesterday, I was pleased to be able to show The Empress that we are hot stuff in search. The company just slightly above us has 2,650 fulltime employees and revenue of 1.07 billion a year. The only ones significantly above us are big boxes. The folks The Empress thought would be eating our lunch are way below us.

And yet we are not flooded with orders and coining money with our online store. There is widespread agreement in our industry that ecommerce is the future, but it doesn’t look as though anyone but the big boxes has much online presence. Perhaps there are some brick and mortar stores that get lots of local online orders and thus fly under the radar for the perameters I can look at, but it looks like no one’s getting fat on this except the two big boxes.

So does that mean that search is not what we need to be good at? Arkenboy told me last year that we had reached the necessary goals for search and ought to start advertising. Maybe he was right. It doesn’t sound very postmodern, though. It may also be true that no one except the big boxes is doing anything online in our industry, and we are therefore poised to be the postmodern favorite, offering concierge service and a high level of personalization and all that stuff on the Retail Trends list, and being the little fish safely cleaning the teeth of the big box sharks.