Last night some friends of #1 son called to say they wanted to have Family Game Night, too. So he agreed that they could come over and we would play games again. We played Cranium and Catch Phrase.

This skewed the average age of the group down a bit, especially since my husband wasn’t at home. Teenagers are not at a disadvantage in general knowledge games. Older people may know more things in total, but it is longer since we — and the twenty-somethings are included here — studied stuff like the difference between igneous and metamorphic rock. The teens are more likely to remember state capitals and all.

But the biggest thing about playing games with teens is that their phones ring constantly, and they all carry phones.

You know how in old movies the newsroom or office would have incessantly ringing phones to show how busy and exciting life was there?

That’s what it’s like.

It was fun anyway. j in pipes 001

Here, by request, a picture of Pipes off the needles and on the girl.

I had envisioned it with the collar folded, but #2 daughter turned it up — standing collars are all the rage in the spring collections, you know — and it made a wonderful Elizabethan ruff effect.

Very pretty, and not at all ordinary.

However, the sleeves were too short. In the snap, she pushed them up, and it looked cute. However, I will be pulling out the ribbing and making the sleeves longer before I give it to her.

It appears that my job will be changing, but not immediately disappearing. As Sighkey pointed out, it was always possible that it would disappear, so the more exciting option of change is the real news.

I do want to say here, because it would be petty to say it in my daily life, that my store always had stronger sales than the new one, and it is not my fault that it is closing.

I will be spending the next six weeks NOT saying it to the many people who will be asking me exactly that. However, we are trying to put a good spin on this, and saying that we are centralizing our operations and putting more emphasis on e-commerce and stuff like that.

So I will have to learn something about e-commerce. I will be doing some telecommuting, and some dog and pony shows (I have always done that, of course, and will probably enjoy doing more of it) and spending one day a week at the new store. If I am successful, I will not be looking for a new job. It is not, of course, entirely up to me. There are other people involved, and we have already been told by people who do these things for a living that our chances do not look good.

However, I have determined that looking for a job in a few months will not be any different from looking for one now, and it is always fun to try new things.

Anyone who can recommend some references to me, or indeed has any other suggestions, please jump right in. Our store has had a website for a year, we have had about six orders from it, and I have had nothing to do with it so far. I made some suggestions in the beginning, but they were not taken, so I don’t know whether they would have been useful or not. I know absolutely nothing, so do not think that you shouldn’t mention something because you figure I must already know it. I still haven’t figured out how to get buttons on my xanga. I have my kids set up the DVD player for me.

I may not be the obvious person to lead our business into the 21st century, but I can learn. Last year, after all, I took up soldering.

Last night’s dinner guest explained to me about indexing and critiqued our website, something for which I believe he normally gets paid large sums of money.

We gave him penne with chicken and mushrooms in a wine sauce, homemade bread, zucchini with balsamic vinegar and herbs, salad, and #2 daughter’s chocolate cake. Also wine and games.

If you wanted to make this zucchini, perhaps in order to thank a dinner guest for some useful information, this is what it takes:

2 zucchini
1 t olive oil
1 T balsamic vinegar
mixed herbs — we used the Pampered Chef Italian blend

Cut the zucchini into spears. Put the oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Put everything else into the skillet, too, and cover it tightly. Give it a few minutes to cook and steam. Eat it up.

Today there will be errands, including the buying of a new teakettle since the old one died, and a modicum of housework. I will be seeing #2 daughter off for her return to the Big City, and possibly attending a basketball game. And lengthening Pipes’s sleeves.