Now that I have done my serious contemplation, I am going to get down to the work of the day — cleaning and grocery shopping. Then I can get  down to the fun of the day –knitting and reading. And, since the Empress hooked me up with a source of freezer paper, I intend to do a little fooling around with the new applique method, too. Our butcher will sell me some, it turns out.

Chanthaboune has posted a picture of Toby, one of our dogs. I noticed, while watching the Westminster dog show on TV, that the commentators used all sorts of euphemisms to describe the naughtiness of some breeds. “Not to be trusted off the leash,” they would say, or “Not for first-time dog owners.” So I am reminded that Toby cannot help being naughty. You can tell he wants to be good, but he cannot resist his essential nature, which tells him to be bad whenever possible. It’s a great picture, though. She has also posted a picture of her brothers, but in an artistic manner that will ensure that no one will recognize them. You can tell that they have great hair, though. Here, you mostly just see pictures of knitting.