We’re having another lovely spring-like day, though there are rumors of another ice storm coming our way. I’m still sniffling and sneezing, but feeling reasonably normal otherwise. Somehow, when I have a cold or something, I feel stupid and unable to think clearly. It’s probably all that self-pity clogging up my brain.

Last night, #2 son got a voice mail on his phone:
“Ummm… this is Dr. [garbled] calling to say that your HIV test results have came back. And you might have AIDS. So you should go consult with your parents right away.Cause there could be very very bad consequences, like you might die of AIDS and stuff. So call us right away. This is Chet, right?”

#2 son gave blood recently, in celebration of the fact that he now weighs enough to be able to do so, so he had a moment of alarm.

I suggested to him that a) doctors don’t call people at that hour, b) if they did, they wouldn’t leave a voice message, c) they wouldn’t say “have came back,” d) they wouldn’t tell him to consult his parents, e) they wouldn’t be giggling while they said it, and f) the part at the end about Chet was probably supposed to be the punchline.

Phone pranks must be even more appealing to kids now than they used to be, since cell phones allow you to target someone very specifically. On the other hand, cell phones also show your phone number, so it does take away the anonymity. #2 son could just call the number and say “Who’s this?”

It gave me an opportunity to talk with him about risky behaviors, of course. What boy doesn’t like talking with his mom about risky behaviors?

Today I have to clean house and do grocery shopping. I have a bit of work to do — I’ve already done some, including arranging a phone interview for tomorrow afternoon for a new job assignment — but I’m determined to get some domestic stuff done. I also hope to do a little sewing. I have netflixes I haven’t had time to watch, so this seems like a good chance.

Among my hand-me-down fabrics from La Bella were several good lengths of silky stuff of unknown fiber content in salmon and coral shades. These shades are very big for spring, and generally becoming . 

Pantone’s color predictions for the spring include a “salmon rose” that is an exact match for one of the fabrics. The others are in the TFL palette predictions for spring and summer, with the cryptic names “ruler” and “net”:

And of course all the RTW catalogs are showing these shades, often calling them by fruit names — mango, papaya, stuff like that.

So I’m thinking of making some interesting tunic or blouse or something with one or more of these fabrics.

Those who know me are scoffing gently at my pretense of following fashion trends. You know that it’s mere coincidence. Or, indeed, that it’s possible to find practically any color in the predictions if you look around a bit. Never mind. Allow me to pretend.

I’m thinking about this pattern, on the theory that it’s fun and easy, yet also allows room for some creativity.

I think it could be worn under a jacket, which is important since I teach in a jacket — three days a week this spring and five days a week in the summer. It also seems as though once I’ve made one I could make a few more with variations, getting the TNT benefits without the drawback of feeling like you’re wearing the same thing all the time.

I’m also considering Simplicity 2936, which you can see below.

As you can tell, I really like pretty, girly kinds of blouses. I do worry about looking like mutton dressed as lamb in such things, but I’m hoping that making the more unadorned versions and avoiding flowers will at least keep me from looking like the aging choristers in community productions of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.

Ozarque pointed out, in a comment on my book review from last night, that people in their 50s (like the author of the book in question) can’t really be considered “aging.” This is no doubt true in medical terms, but in fashion terms, I think the 30s are a cutoff point.

Remember that, oh readers in your 20s, and make a point of wearing as much in the way of satin, lace, frilly stuff, mini skirts, and baby doll tops as possible right now.

There will come a time when that stuff will only work for your nightgowns.

And thus it is also possible that I will use the fabrics in question for a few plain tailored shirts. This will be less fun, but more practical from the point of view of my wardrobe.

Anyway, that’s my plan for the day. I intend to take it easy and rest a lot for the sake of rejecting the False Claim of Satan that still has some residence in my throat and sinuses, too, possibly even taking a nap.

In order to do this jam-packed list of fun stuff, I must go right now and get some clothes on. enjoy your weekend.