Both daughters and M. Bassoon arrived last night, and I stayed up way past my bedtime playing Catchphrase with them.

We had prepared by having haircuts, #1 son and I. The hairdressers were talking about his hair.

“It’s not fair! He has such great hair!”
“If I had had like that, I’d wear it down to here!” This was said while indicating a line just below her posterior.
“Yeah! And I’d flip it!” This also had gestures.

#1 son was very gallant about the whole thing.

We also bought food. I am trying out the new season’s recipes on my unsuspecting guests. I’ve been suspicious of the one involving cake mix and strawberry jam; I probably won’t tell them what’s in it before I serve it.

I hope the troops will be up for doing something touristy today, though I would certainly understand it if they mostly wanted to hang around playing games and talking. I might even add napping. But you know how it is: you don’t do the touristy things until you have visitors from out of town.

It is true that this is not the best month to visit our town. However, you can’t just refuse to entertain except in spring and fall.

There needs to be some music at some point, if only to prepare for tomorrow, when #2 daughter is singing a solo in church, and I hope to fit in some walking. #2 son has gymnastics, too. I am off to slice berries for almond-encrusted pastries and chop vegetables for Quiche Tartlets. It seems possible that no one will actually wake up during breakfast time, but those things ought to do for brunch as well.

Catchphrase? We won quite a lot of the time. Partly this was because #2 son didn’t know what a gulag was, and wasted a lot of time thinking it was some variant on “ghoul,” but partly it was as M. Bassoon said a psychic connection that allowed him to guess things like “Nanook of the North,” and #1 daughter’s impressive knowledge of movies.