22407 002 This is not a good picture, but it clearly shows just how much longer I had to make the sleeves of Pipes. Old sleeve on the right, new sleeve on the left.

Sort of an El Greco effect, isn’t it?

I am feeling sort of groggy this morning.

The dog came in at 4:00 a.m. Someone had left her crate unlatched, and I guess she woke up and felt lonely.

So she came in, her tail thwacking around as though she carried a drum set with her, with happy snuffling noises.

Once I identified the source of the sounds and got her back to her sleeping quarters, I was fully awake. But it was only 4:00. So I went back to bed and listened to the rain till I fell asleep.

And woke again at 7:00.

I realize that normal people often sleep until 7:00. But I am now having trouble waking up, and thinking that I will not have time to get the Saturday errands done before work.

So I guess I had better not stay here any more. Onward!