Saturday February 25, 2006

“Laissez les bons temps rouler!” says the sign on this fire truck. Dpending where you live, you may have been celebrating since Epiphany, but we started Mardi Gras today.

The parade was fun. #2 son came with me — what a good sport!

This is the family-friendly part of the Mardi Gras celebration. There was a giant pancake — 200 feet was the goal — made in the town square, and there were rumors of King Cake, though we did not find any.


This fellow came along tossing beads to the kids.

There were a lot of walkers in the parade, and a marching band, so it was a nice slow parade.

Big town parades can be tiresome, since they go on so long, and you sometimes cannot get close enough to see well. I like small town parades best.




There were floats. This was one of my favorites.

A lot of the floats were made with materials from the shop where I work. It was fun to see the results of the handiwork people had begun in our store.


You can embiggen the pictures by clicking them.

These girls looked very dashing in their cocktail glasses.




This dragon had smoke and bubbles. When he saw me taking a picture, he came over very close and sprayed right into our faces. The camera ended up a bit wet, and so did we, but it was fun.

We got to see some friends on our way to the square. It is a small town, so you really can’t go anywhere without seeing some friends. The girls on the girl scout float waved at #2 son, but he was too cool to acknowledge them.

He was also too cool to wear beads. He tucked them in his pocket, hanging out like a watch chain, to be a little in the spirit.



I loved these little girls’ masks. Their parents gave permission for the picture, and I am sure you will not recognize them — aren’t they cute?



There were lots of dogs as well as lots of children. This float has a little white dog, which you can see if you search diligently. There were many dogs in costume, also, and some dogs were in beads. I always wonder whether the dogs like the costumes or not, but I admit that they didn’t seem to mind. Their costumes were certainly less elaborate than the humans’ get-ups.

We did not take our dogs with us, but we did give Fiona some beads when we got home.

She might have been trying to shake them off.


But she might also just have been saying, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”






6 responses to “Saturday February 25, 2006”

  1. Scriveling Avatar

    I haven’t gone to any parades so far; it’s been cold and/or rainy. But the weather is supposed to improve for Tuesday. 🙂

  2. feebeeglee Avatar

    If I remember rightly, she is the smart dog, so she is definitely saying let the good times roll.

    I hope you have an insightful Lent – mine will be unfocused but hopefully productive anyway!

  3. chanthaboune Avatar

    That is the best picture of Fiona.

  4. sighkey Avatar

    I thought it was winter over there? Apart from the leafless trees it doesn’t look wintry at all. I agree about small town versus big town parades. I never go to the parades here anymore, too many people, too few parking spaces. They used to be fun when we were kids ‘though, our city has got a little bigger now (plaintive NZ accent) I liked it better in the old days. Why didn’t you giveToby any beads?

  5. craftymommavt Avatar

    Thanks for the bit of Mardi Gras celebration!  We did not go to town for the parade this year. As always it was freezing cold, and though part of the tradition is standing out there for 45 minutes before the parade even starts (to hold your place) I just couldn’t to do it this year. An hour and a half in ten degree weather with whipping wind just seems to put a damper on the whole Mardi Gras parade  for me. It is nice to see your pictures in my nice warm dining room….errr….well, at least in my dining room…not so sure about the warm part…but at least I’m indoors!

  6. simplespirit Avatar

    I love those pics!!!!