This may not look like a surprising piece of knitting, but really it is. Here’s why: I wound the skein into a ball before I began (normally I wait until it begins to tangle and then wish I had wound it first) and then, in order to restore the balance of the universe, I did not swatch.

This is Morocco color #265 “Moon Blue.” It is a Brazilian yarn from Reynolds. I am using #7 needles because all my #8s have unaccountably gone missing. I suspect #2 daughter. However, it is all for the best, because as you can perhaps see from this view of the first dozen or so rows, we would not want this knitted any more loosely than it already is. The pattern is from Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living, a very handy book of patterns. Indeed, if you are more a gift knitter than a sweater knitter (there are just a couple of sweater patterns), then this could be your main book of knitting patterns.

Once again, I was not successful in sleeping in. I guess I have lost the knack. It may be just as well, as I have a huge amount of stuff to do today. I can get some pre-dawn knitting in, and maybe fit in a nap this afternoon.