Saturday February 27, 2010

This isn’t really what Lent is about.

I haven’t been keeping a good Lent, largely because I’ve been sick since Ash Wednesday. I haven’t been doing anything except working and, when not working, lying around trying to recuperate.

Lent is supposed to be a time of contemplation, a time to prepare your heart for Easter. Sometimes people do give up things they’d like to give up permanently — that’s how I was able to cut down severely on being critical about other people — but often we just give up something that we want many times during the day. If you give up tea, then every time you wish for a cup of tea, you are reminded to think about the things you’ve decided to think about during this year’s Lenten journey.

I have work to do today, and I’m not feeling completely recuperated, so I plan to take things fairly easy outside of that, but I’m also determined to do some interesting things today.

The Organized Home Cleaning Plan is finishing up  Master Bedroom Week, so I plan to clean my bedroom. It’s very much in need of that, and I think it’s important to have a bedroom you can enjoy being in. I may also do some baking. And I’m toying with the idea of doing some sewing, or at least swatching for my next knitting project, whatever it might be. I still haven’t decided. Part of that may be my dissatisfaction with Salt Peanutes in its finished condition. The collar doesn’t lie right, and it’s very big and fluffy and pink and shapeless. It could be that I chose the wrong yarn for this pattern. So I’m trying to make sure my next project is a more successful one, and that may require more time with my collection of knitting books.
And it’s a glorious day, so maybe a walk. I’ve been doing 30 minutes of step with Wii Fit for the past few days and feeling fine with it, so I don’t think a walk will send me into a decline.

If I do get around to sewing, I think I’ll make this top, from Burda’s spring issue. I have some green silk crepe de chine I’ve had hanging around for a long time, and I think this would be nice in silk. Easy to make, and it should look pretty under a suit.

The yoke is quilted, and I could even quilt it in an interesting pattern while I watch The Cashmere Mafia. And if I ever feel well enough again to go to a party, I could wear it to said party and feel somewhat dressed up. 

First, tea and cough medicine.