It snowed last night. Quite a surprise.

Both my daughters got in last night. #1 daughter used to tell us funny Texas stories, but now she lives in Louisiana, so she tells us funny Louisiana stories. #2 daughter had no funny stories, oddly enough, but she did bring a friend.

They had arranged to text The Computer Guy when they got into town. They had texted when they hit the county line and learned that he was still at dinner, but since then had been texting without response. I suggested that they call him.

“What?!” the friend said in mock horror. “You expect us to pick up the phone and call?”

This is No Longer Done.

“Well, you’ve tried texting. Maybe you should try calling. Maybe the party has gotten wild and he can’t hear you.”

They assured me that everyone can recognize their text message noise more easily than the phone call noise, since of course no one but their mother ever calls them.

I thought it was silly to continue being vexed at someone’s failure to respond but not to try some other means of communication.

You don’t talk with The Computer Guy on the phone, do you?” #2 daughter pointed out.

Of course, I don’t, or only in extreme cases. I talk with him via instant messenger. Who talks on the phone? That’s so 2005!

Anyway, the three girls were collected shortly after that by Arkenboy, who has lost the beard but still has the elfin grin. Arkenboy is also a computer guy of some variety –network specialist, I think. I assume that both he and The Computer Guy had their reputations enhanced by being out on the town with three pretty girls.

I cannot explain why the girls went on the town with a couple of computer guys. Possibly coincidence, or perhaps they felt they should introduce the two, since they are both local computer guys. A little networking thrown in with the clubbing. However, we have a law student coming for coffee shortly, so I think I will make some quiche and muffins.