I have some good things to report. Yesterday, for example, it started snowing while I was in class in the Next County, and I didn’t panic and dismiss class or even worry through the rest of the class. It stopped snowing, and I drove home on the freeway with no particular trepidation. Considering the degree of phobic response to snow and driving and freeways I’ve had in the past, I think that’s quite good. Also, the Wii Fit tells me that I haven’t missed a day in three weeks, which I think is also good.

But the Wii Fit also told me that I didn’t meet my goal — I haven’t lost weight. I’m seriously behind on things like housework, household paperwork, and other aspects of daily life. My car’s tags have expired. My menfolks are cross with me about the lack of domestic attention, and I don’t like them much at all today. I haven’t done the 1099s or the FAFSA, haven’t looked at any music, and have missed rehearsals. I have approximately eleventy-two ungraded papers waiting for me. I also have one more lesson for the arts center, which I have begun repeatedly this week, only to have it interrupted by sudden needs and crises on the parts of various clients.

So here it is Saturday. Would it be best to work today, in hopes of getting all caught up on that, or to work hard on domestic chores in hopes of getting all caught up on that, or to relax in hopes of recharging my batteries as it were, or to go for a hike or something in hopes of feeling more energetic about doing all those things I need to do?

There’s some kind of chocolate festival going on at the mall; I should probably report on that for the chocolatier. It would give me another opportunity to work on my phobia. That sounds jolly, doesn’t it?