One Christmas, an aunt and uncle sent my family a gift, saying that they didn’t intend to start a regular gift exchange 4 with us and we shouldn’t feel we needed to reciprocate, but we’d had so many exciting things going on that year… something like that. #2 son, who was little at the time, said, “I guess we have had a lot of victorious accomplishments this year.”

I thought about that yesterday, because we had some victorious accomplishments, and it was a good thing, since they came in a sea of nonvictorious non-accomplishments.

This is where I’m teaching this term. Not as picturesque as last term, but also not nearly as far away. I don’t have to drive on the freeway, although I do sometimes anyway in order to keep from backsliding on the old coping with agoraphobia.

One of the students in my class there came up to me yesterday and said “I know who your husband is.” He works at the same company, though not in the same time or place. “His name comes up the most,” he said, “as someone with an amazing work ethic. He’s worth three other workers.” He sounded awestruck, actually having met the wife of the legendary worker. He did also mention that the people who work under my husband say it’s better not to be around him when he’s angry.

I don’t think my husband knew that his name came up at all, let alone frequently. Someone should have told him. I did, of course, when I saw him last night.

Then #2 daughter was removed from probation at her job two months early, and one of my new clients wrote that the first draft of his website was “absolutely brilliant.” He didn’t even ask for any changes, which I found especially pleasing since 4I had written so much of it while conducting multiple IM and email conversations with other people. I hadn’t been at all sanguine about it. However, I had used my ultra-snazzy new Word template to prepare it, so that might have helped.

These victorious accomplishments only partly make up for the unvictorious bits. For example, this workspace, which is so desperately in need of GTD processing that I am on the verge of feeling completely overwhelmed.

My husband’s paycheck arrived for the week of the ice storm — they might almost just as well not have bothered to mail it, really. I don’t get paid for my teaching job till midmonth, though of course I’ve been working on it since right after Christmas and teaching since mid-January. And of course most of the current projects have to be finished before they get paid for.

So we’re both working about 50 hours a week and still feeling a bit pinched financially because of the lag.

I’m getting in all the billable hours I wanted. I’m also doing a lot of unbillable hours right now, but they’re meetings and interviews and research for upcoming jobs, so that’s good. Once I catch up from the ice storm, I should be fine with that goal.

Setting up my business systems and learning all my software properly? Who has time? Getting to the gym regularly and eating right? Who has time?

I’m also behind on my grading. Again, the ice storm affected this — instead of getting the papers in on the right schedule, I got them all at once when everybody got their power back. Thursday night I stayed up till nearly midnight getting all the papers for my face to face class graded, and then I got to class without them. I stared stupidly into my briefcase and said, “No, they’re not here. I’m sorry. I haven’t been sleeping.”

Around 5:00 last night, I just had to stop working even though I wasn’t finished. I had to go buy some groceries, and also Outlook had just beeped at me that it was time to quit: TGIF. I went out into springlike weather and drove off thinking that I felt quite relaxed and not even tired any more. As I dreamily sailed across the parking lot, it struck me that I was confusing complete exhaustion with calm relaxation, and should probably try to get a little adrenaline going before I fell asleep and killed myself.

So today, I have promised #2 son that I’ll try to form some guesses about our taxes in spite of not having received all my 1099s yet, and then he’ll want help with the FAFSA. I also have several things I’m supposed to do for music and church. I have a couple of hours of work left over from last week that I really feel I ought to do (the client said, “I know I’m not your only client,” which always makes me feel as though I’m cheating on them or something) and prep for a Monday morning meeting, and of course a whole bunch more papers to grade. I’ve got to do the aforementioned GTD processing before fear that I’m forgetting something becomes a serious source of stress. I also have a home and family that I ought to pay some attention to.

So, yeah. A little organization first thing today, and then things may seem more manageable.