I feel almost normal. Sore throat, headache, froggy voice (but more Tallulah Bankhead than Cookie Monster, so that’s progress,) but not really feeling as bad as I have been. I have a social event this morning, and ordinary errands, and I think it might be wise to take it easy this afternoon, but I may be nearly ready to enter the land of the living.

I feel as though I’ve lost a week. I’ve gotten most of my work done, and gotten in music and reading and even a little bit of 2 knitting (Erin’s sleeves, at right), but I feel as though I sort of missed it all. I definitely missed Front Porch Week on the Grand Plan, though I guess I may get it all done today.

The periodontist whom I met with yesterday seemed very knowledgeable and truly optimistic about my future health, if I were able to come up with large sums of money. He got quite passionate about bacteria, and gave thorough and really not very alarming descriptions of the procedure he has in mind. My only complaint (well, apart from the fact that I have no plan for how to come up with the large sums of money) is that he did all this talking to me while I was reclining in a chair and he was wearing funny glasses.

When someone is talking about removing cells from tissue and how tooth decay can lead to prostate cancer and stuff like that, he shouldn’t feel any need to add a touch of the surreal to the experience. A dream-like quality is probably not what he’s after. Although it might have been the overall dreamlike quality of the week as well.

#1 son is off to a neighboring state for a climbing competition. #2 son has work, at his secret workplace. #2 daughter has all-day rehearsals. I have this party to go to, and housework. I need to get some more music in there somewhere, I think. I have been working on the upcoming music all week, but only in the sense of listening to it and croaking along. At some point, I actually need to work on the singing, if my voice is up to it. I was a little sad about dropping the Master Chorale for this semester, but it is now a source of relief that I don’t have a bunch of Brahms that I’m falling behind on, in addition to all the Lent and Easter stuff.

I also have it on my goals list for this year to learn to read music properly instead of just coping with it. I’ve gathered some tools for the purpose, and feel pretty optimistic. I hope to get back to the gym tomorrow, too, or at least out for a walk.

So, yeah, that’s what I’ll be doing today. Enjoy your weekend!