We enjoyed a little mild celebration of New Year’s Eve, with ginger ale at midnight. We went downtown to see the parade, but came home well before the fireworks.

New Year’s Day is a good day for deep philosophical contemplation, naps, football, and beginning as you mean to go on. If you are superstitious, it’s also a day for pork, root vegetables, greens, and black-eyed peas. The Empress gave me a recipe for a green salad with black-eyed peas which will be delicious with the leftovers from last night’s pork roast. Barbecue sauce, whole-grain sandwich rolls, sweet potato puree — yep, we have everything ready.


What a long link! But once you get there, you can hear a very nice version of “Here We Come a- Wassailing,” a song which contains the line “God send you a happy new year.” What more could we ask for?