Saturday January 10, 2009

I’ve met my cardio goal two weeks in a row. I’ve sort of gotten dressed and ready before starting work on most days, kind of. Healthy eating? Occasionally, in between rushed grabbing and random snacking. 15 hours of billable work this week — my average from last year.

Today I’m going to set myself up for success on all my resolutions and goals. Doesn’t that sound grand?

I’m going to make a meal plan like CraftymommaVT and do the grocery shopping for it. I’m going to clean my house and catch up on laundry, pack up my gym bag for Monday, and work out a schedule for the semester, since classes begin on Monday.

Yesterday I finished up my assignment for the drug training guy in Guilford, learning a lot of things about the British approach to substance misuse (they don’t say “abuse” over there) in the process. It sounds as though he wants me to continue working with him. I had a long walk and talk with Janalisa, a brief visit with The Empress, and finished up with my Dark Art Lite people.

Then I was supposed to have an interview for a job, via IM or phone. I got stood up. I was dismayed, because I wanted that job, and also because it meant I had to stay somewhat alert all evening in case. I sent off an email this morning making the main points I had planned on making. We’ll see.

Okay, off to begin the highly productive day I have planned.