Thank you all very much for participating in my highly unscientific study of mental functioning. I also asked people in the physical world, and here are my results:

All musicians can readily imagine pieces of music being done in different styles and by different instruments. Some non-musicians can, too. But some non-musicians cannot. Whether this is a lack of experience and practice (as Sighkey suggests, and the widespread qualms about ragtime support the hypothesis), or whether people who can’t imagine music just don’t go on to become musicians (as Knitsteel’s comment that she doesn’t try to imagine things like that suggests) — well, that question would require further study, and maybe there is a government grant there.

It may be that people who are not good with visualization of multiple dimensions ought not to attempt to learn clothing construction, but I am going to do so anyway.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to meet this 2007 goal. My first thought was to take a class, but the only one I have found is a Beginning Sewing class. I had rejected that, since I do some kinds of sewing quite well, but Grumperina took one and was very enthusiastic about it, so I am reconsidering the possibility.

My next thought was to work through a sewing book. The predictable difficulty there is that books on sewing are designed for people who do not have difficulty moving from two dimensions to three. So far, I continue to use my books on sewing as I use the instructions on the sewing pattern: I read the needed section, stare at it a bit, pick up the pieces of fabric and stare at them at bit, pin or baste or sew something and leave it alone for a bit to settle, then come back to it and stare some more, in hopes that I will notice any errors before I have done something irremediable. If at that point I see nothing wrong, I move on to the next step.

This method is for new tasks, of course. If I have done something before, or perhaps the eighteen times it took me to get it right, then I can just go ahead and do it again.

So the third possibility that has occurred to me for reaching my goal is simply to soldier on and do a whole lot of sewing. To this end, I am intending to finish one sewn thing a week.

This is a reach-exceeds-the-grasp goal, in that I don’t necessarily plan to reach it consistently. But I figure that, if I aim at sewing one thing every week, I will probably sew many more things than if I intend to sew one a month, which is what I did last year.

My finished sewn object for the first week of January was the gray felted sweater bag I showed you. Lostarts suggested that I could find artificial versions of the bone buttons I was thinking of at chain craft stores, and she was quite right. new button 009

For this week, we will see. I have three current sewing WIPs, and I have declared today a PSD, so whichever one of them I complete will be the one for this week.

I am beginning the day with zippers, always a bit challenging for those of us who have difficulty with the old third dimension, but I believe in doing the hard stuff first and getting it out of the way.

Another thing I learned from Lostarts is about xanga tags. You all probably know about tags. I had seen the announcement, but had ignored it, as I do most xanga announcements. But then I saw the pretty little cloud of words on Lostarts’s xanga. This allows the reader to check back and see everything she has said about naked men, knitting, and psychotic landlords she has known, without searching back through her archives.

I thought about putting proper tags on my posts about knitting, so that readers who just came here for the knitting could readily find them, but I find upon looking back that I tend to discuss my knitting only after I have rabbitted on about the Crimean War or gingerbread or something, so it wouldn’t help. I did, however, corral my socks posts, since those were actually intended to be helpful to people knitting socks, so you could click on that if you are having difficulty with the particular dimensionality issues inherent in sock-making. And I tagged — or began tagging — some of my own long-term projects so that I could look back on my notes on the subject. I do not yet have a cloud of words, just a line, but I am working up to it.

On to the zippers!