This is a picture from #1 son’s trip to New Orleans. I didn’t go. In fact, I didn’t go anywhere between semesters, and now I wish I had, since school starts on Tuesday. For me, on Wednesday, because I don’t teach on Tuesdays. I’ve really been questioning whether it’s wise for me to keep teaching. On the other hand, I’m committed to the spring term, so there’s not much point in agonizing over it right now.

Remind me to leave town over spring break, though.

I’m trying to be more businesslike, to have more creativity in my daily life instead of only in my work, and to take care of myself. I realize that this is the same list of goals as last year’s, but maybe they were just goals that take longer to accomplish.

#2 daughter is coming down to visit today, #2 son leaves tomorrow to go back to school, and we’re going to celebrate #1 daughter’s birthday when she gets back from Baton Rouge. This is therefore the end of the holidays.

Beginning next weekend, I plan to have Saturday Sewing Day. For the sake of my wardrobe as well as for the sake of getting some creativity back into my daily life. I might try to finish last year’s SWAP, or I might start a new one. I haven’t kept up with fashions this year, so I don’t know whether there are new trends I ought to try out or not. Maybe I’ll roam around the sewing blogs and see.