It’s like spring out, and I have the whole family here. We have a lot of plans for the day, though at the moment everyone is asleep.

I’ve missed two days of Wii Fit, and yesterday’s attempt to get all our financial stuff in order for the tax guy was not that successful.

The thing about the recordkeeping… usually I can look at a situation and see what needs to be done to fix it, even if I have to hire someone or learn something to do that fixing. With the recordkeeping,  I stare at it helplessly. #1 daughter suggests that it’s an attitude problem, and she could be right.

Anyway, all we came up with as a solution was to go back through all the bookkeeping from last year and redo it. That doesn’t seem like a solution at all.

We have a business meeting this morning, though, and perhaps we’ll break through.Then we have lunch with my parents, shopping, and singing at the Martin Luther King celebration. Somewhere in there will be cake baking.