I fed my family properly once at least before #2 son left for college: homemade lasagne, homemade bread, and steamed mangetout peas.

I also hemmed up a bunch of horrible 1970s golf pants the boys took a fancy to. See them strobing in the photo below.

Since then, I’ve gotten an inch or two done on the Nantucket Jacket, gotten my classes well started, and crossed a few things off the list on my markerboard.

I haven’t caught up on my sleep, unfortunately, and #1 daughter tells me I’ve been angry and mean. Not good. The little rash I might have mentioned is getting worse, too. I’ve managed Wii fit a few times and cooked a few meals, but I’m still working my way back to normalcy.

I spend an awful lot of time striving for normalcy. Sigh. Not much of a goal.

We’re also just getting around to setting goals for the business for the year. It’s been too busy to manage a meeting.

We lost a big job,and I was upset about that, but it might have been a blessing in disguise, really.

So today is our goal setting meeting, plus grocery shopping, housework, grading, and — I hope — a nap.

I’m also hoping to do some sewing. I had started a SWAP at the end of last summer, and gotten quite a few things done:

  • a kakhi skirt
  • kakhi pants
  • a two-piece print dress
  • several tops

I have a jacket half finished. I hope to add a lining to it today. It’s a really lovely lightweight wool, and I should be able to wear it through the spring, but it’s too light to be happy as an unlined jacket.

I’d also bought the fabric for all the pieces of the SWAP, and it would be nice to sew up a few more of the pieces I had planned before it gets too warm to wear them. I have too much else to get done for this to be a proper PSD, but I can think about it at least.