It took me 17 minutes to go all the way around the Yarn, Ho! blogring. That includes clicking, reading, and commenting. There are 19 of us in the Yarn, Ho!s. There are 605 in the Knitting Blogring. I think this means that I will never make it all the way around the ring.

Nonetheless, I am planning to visit some other rings. Among my goals for this year is a work-related goal: to make our store more useful to our homeschooling families. So I am asking the homeschooling xanga-ites for help: what would make your local school supply or educational toy store more useful to you? Would you like workshops? Are there particular products you’d like to be able to buy locally? Are there kinds of help or support that would make a difference to you? I will appreciate your responses enormously. Thanks! I intend to post this message hither and yon on the xanga homeschool rings, in hopes that the power of xanga will help me make our store the best possible resource for the homeschool families of the area. I think the Mighty Mouse theme music would be a good sound track for this.

Here is the completed dull sock.The plain stockinette top has given it a lovely, loose, slouchy grunge-type feel to match the grunge mittens. I will now commence another just like it. Well, not right now, because as you can see from this picture (taken with my toy camera, which always gives an impressionist air), my house is an appalling mess. I would like to pretend that it is just a few extra papers on the visible computer desk and window seat, but in fact, a picture taken almost anywhere in my house right now would show a similar degree of untidiness. So I have my work cut out for me.