Last weekend we had a big reshuffling. #2 daughter came to visit. #1 daughter had a birthday celebration and also came back to work for me, resulting in a much calmer week (of course I was also sleeping in till 5:00 or later, so that may be part of it as well). #2 son left for his college. #1 son and I started back to school as well, here in our county.

#2 daughter and I had a sewing day. She’s making this dress of chocolate brown satin. In fact, she has a set of glamorous origami-styled sheaths and a jacket planned.

I made the jacket below. Note how it has no buttonholes, collar notches or any hard parts.

I finished it over the course of the week, and you can see it below (wow, it needs pressing, doesn’t it?). I think it works well with the teal wool suit I made last year, so I believe I’ll make a matching skirt so I can swap back and forth. If the skirts are the same shape, that ought to work.

The fabric is a tweedy wool with a bit of a check effect in a blue green, caramel, and brown mixture that I’m completely failing to capture here.

So this week I think I will sew a blouse in blue-green cotton to go with it, and perhaps also the matching skirt.

I have some caramel colored wool that would make a nice skirt, a dark brown fabric suited to pants, several blouse lengths in various blue-green shades, a sturdy jersey in aubergine, and some jacquard linen in a shade of burgundy that looks very good with the other colors.

In short, I have the makings of a SWAP, if I can be disciplined about taking the time to sew.

Here’s the other pattern I’m thinking of using. The jacket in the photo above was made from a Vogue pattern, not from this one, though the styles are similar. If I use the pants and skirt patterns from this ensemble,  they should work well with that jacket.

Then I could also make one or both versions of the jacket in a dark brown or charcoal gray.

Note how having finished ONE sewn item (apart from pressing it) makes me imagine that I will be able to sew up a whole wardrobe for myself?

But if I do one piece a week, I’ll be able to do just that. There are 11 pieces in a classic SWAP and 11 weeks from now is merely the beginning of April. Then I could switch over to warm weather clothes and have another complete SWAP before it cools off in the fall.

It could happen.