I’m talking about business today. My feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t stay and read.

The thing is, my possibility tree is getting branchy again.

Originally, in spring of 2008, my possibility tree had three branches: get a job, work for myself, or fail miserably and starve in a gutter.

Without making a decision in any noticeable way, I began working for myself, and the other two branches just sort of ended.

About a year later, I had the option to be a happy freelance writer with a balanced life, earning about as much as I did at my salaried job in half as much work time, and doing whatever I felt like in my unbillable hours. I merely would have had to turn down additional work. Emboldened by my daughters and spurred on by enormous tuition bills, I drifted over into ownership of a company. I incorporated as an LLC, got a CPA, etc.

Now here I am with Basecamp and workers and projects and stuff, and I find myself faced with another set of branches.

Are we an interactive marketing agency? If so, we need a design firm we can partner with, or designers of our own. Are we in fact a design firm? If so, we must have a designer, and we’re in competition with some of my best clients. Are we content providers, and we just offer a list of design firms, and mostly work for the trade? If so, I have a problem with my website, which speaks to businesses, and mostly to small businesses at that. True, agencies hire me because my blog shows I can speak to their clients for them, but you can’t have a website that’s a demo, and refuse to serve people who come to you because you seem to be offering to work for them.