The Nantucket Jacket continues. Nothing much happening with it,  but I am at least knitting regularly. I also made decoupaged clipboards for my office walls, having seen the idea on Pinterest.

The idea is to create snazzy clipboards and hang them on your wall in a group, where they will organize all your bits of paper and stuff.

With style.

I spend a lot of time in my office, including workday #6 for this week today, so it should be an appealing place, a haven and a source of inspiration. I’m working on that. I have nice furniture, interesting and pretty objects on the shelves, plenty of books, a candle with a crisp wintry scent, and once I get some nails in the wall I’ll have these clipboards up, too.

Pinterest is a good place to find ideas and inspiration. It’s a fairly light-minded place, like Facebook, and in fact my new Facebook timeline has Pinterest on it.

Twitter is serious — not for everyone, I know, but for me and most of the people I follow. It’s the place to keep up on industry news and announce job openings. Linked In is dull, the result not only of being all about work but also of being mostly about self promotion. You can’t really expect a place where resumes are the central focus to be entertaining.

The spring term is well underway, I’m getting stuff crossed off on my whiteboard, and choirs have started back up. We’re singing Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky in Master Chorale — a 1938 Russian film score. You can watch the film at the link. It starts with a violence warning and interminable credits on a background of crumpled paper. Fields of skeletons open the film. I don’t know what’s up with the story, because the whole thing is so dull and unattractive that I tried to skip through and find the parts with the singing. When I did so, there was a weird guy holding up a baby whom he seemed to plan to throw into the fire. At that point, I quit watching.

When I was a child, we learned that the Soviet Union was a dismal place where people waited in line for ages to get poorly made shoes and heavy bread. I don’t recall being taught about human rights violations or economic systems, just that it was a super unpleasant place. It was probably movies like this that created that impression.

Still, it’s fun to sing, and relaxing. I’m also thinking of joining a hiking class. It’s for people my age and older, so I should be able to keep up. I usually hike with my kids, who spring gazelle-like (well, the boys do) from rock to rock and make me feel old. If the hike consists of spry 60 year olds, I should be fine. They’re going to some beautiful places.

First I have to quit working on Saturdays, though.