I was talking yesterday with a client who was one of my first clients, and still occassionally hires me to do something or other. She’s 60 now, and was telling me about her various plans for the year. They include a Mediterranean cruise which will finish up with a stay in Southern France for a couple of weeks. Her problem is that there’s so much to do, it’s overwhelming. She has all these interesting business plans coming up, she’s been going to the gym and lost 52 pounds, she does 5-cities-in-5-days speaking tours, she’s learning a new computer language, and she has trouble fitting in time to knit.

That’s how I want to be at 60, though I hope I can find time to knit. Elann is having a sale, speaking of knitting, on full bags (10 skeins) of discontinued colors of their Peruvian Highlands wool. Some of their discontinued colors are favorites of mine, like celadon green and antique rose, and they work out to a couple of dollars a skein, so I snapped some up.

I’m going to knit a sweater or two. In fact, I have a SMART goal about that. I’m fortunate to do creative work, but in recent years that seems to be where all my creativity goes. I am therefore planning, in 2012, to return creativity to the nonwork parts of my life by scheduling time for needlework, music, and gardening, as well as by taking time to cook creative meals.

I’m also going to lose 10% of my body weight by eating more vegetables and protein foods instead of sweets and starches, and by continuing to exercise regularly but at a higher intensity, as well as adding active recreation to my weekend agenda.

This week the 52 Changes book has me working towards 4-6 servings of vegetables a day. I’m shocked that it’s hard for me to accomplish that. I like vegetables. But apparently I don’t like them as much as I think I do, or at least not enough to cook them at every meal. I’m heading out to the grocery store, and planning to bring back bags of salad and frozen vegetables in hopes that convenience will help.

How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along?