Good meeting yesterday — I think the project is a go, though of course the rule is not to start work till the deposit actually arrives.

This morning I returned the furniture to its proper places (yes, decorating for the holidays involves moving furniture at my house) and cleaned everything up nicely. In the living room, that is. The remainder of my house is a squalid mess, but still. I am toying with the idea of going out and buying healthy produce and other wholesome groceries, but I am also toying with the idea of staying in and knitting.

Coming back to report that in fact I just knitted. I’ve been getting reports from an excitable new client about his progress on an admittedly exciting new project all day, but otherwise I’m ignoring work as well as housework and lolling about.

I can’t tell you about the project, because I have signed a non-disclosure agreement. I’ve signed a bunch of these by now, and of course there is a bit of irony in having your marketing person sign an NDA, but they usually have some exciting thing they’re getting ready to spring on the world.

Once I did write back, courteously and in a nonjudgemental way, to enquire whether the project was in fact legal, but mostly I just shut up and sign the paper.

However, I already told this guy that it would be Monday before I got to his project, so I’m not responding. I read this morning that responding over the weekend or at night encourages the idea that you have no life outside of work.

I do however have a life, and here is the evidence: I’ve been reading and knitting and hanging out with the menfolks today.

My camera is still broken, but #2 daughter suggested a way to take pictures with the ancient camera that has been hanging around the house, and she was right. It works. I won’t say it works well, but you can see here Salt Peanuts, the very very pink fluffy sweater I started about seven months ago. I’ve done the back and fronts and am now working on the sleeves.

I even baked cookies today, and am very likely to cook dinner as well.