I woke up this morning thinking, “Of course! A center for ‘The Little Mermaid’!” Not quite as weird as it sounds, actually. I have been planning to do a lesson for my educational website which I can have my graphics guy make into a snazzy pdf  and which we can then either sell or give away as a gift for subscribers. So it was a sudden realization that a file folder center with a mermaid theme would be a good choice that jolted me awake.

Still, need I have all these joltings? What’s wrong with just waking up because you’ve slept for eight hours. Not that I have done that in recent memory. I keep getting awakened by thoughts.

#2 daughter told Two last night that my visit here had just been a never-ending cloud of work. Or stream, maybe. Lots of work, anyway. It’s true. I still have more work to do for the week, actually. But we’ve determined to go do something fun.

My husband is coming to get me tonight and we’ll go home tomorrow morning. #1 daughter is on her way up.