In the course of my search for a shawl, I have encountered some other cool knitting books. No shawls in them. But this one does contain sweaters, socks, hats, and scarves for adults and children.

Since it is a Debbie Bliss book, you know that it has classic designs with a bit of flair, that it is beautifully photographed, and that the directions will be accurate.

This does not mean that it has no flaws. Now that I have been knitting from some more modern books, I notice the lack of charts and schematics. I grew up knitting without them, so I can, but it is nice to have them, especially since the photos in Celtic Knits are often so artful that you cannot actually tell what the sweater looks like. You have to read through the pattern to determine whether it has a set-in sleeve or what sort of shaping it uses. There are also patterns designed for Bliss’s Denim yarns, which are specially sized to accomodate the kind of shrinkage expected of that yarn. These patterns will need adjustment if they are to be made in another yarn. And, speaking of adjustment, some of the designs are given in only one size. Among the women’s sweaters, only one is given in a size larger than 36″.

There are complex Arans, traditional Fair Isle designs, and a simple lace shawl. There are shaped jackets, a pretty ballerina-style wrap top, a simple lace scarf, and a charming child-sized smock. I expect to make several of these designs.