Google Camp is going to put us up at a 4 star hotel on Via Nazionale. Apparently there will not be cabins and lanyards. #2 daughter is coming along.

We’ll be leaving three months from today. I need to learn KML and Italian (well, actually, the languages so far represented among the campers are English and Dutch, so I guess KML is more important than Italian). I’m thinking about my fall wardrobe, too, though I think Americans in Europe should probably always wear jeans and T shirts. Maybe my Google T-shirt would be the thing.

However, I have only one top left for my STP, so I’m thinking about fall sewing anyway. At the moment, I’m contemplating this Vogue Wardrobe pattern, 1100, which seems suitable for fall in Italy, as well as for client meetings and classes, which are what I would mostly be doing in it, realistically.  

In three months I could also lose a few pounds, save up a little shopping money, improve my skills at photography, and write lots of blog posts ahead so I won’t have to work all the time I’m in Rome.

There is a book about sewing a travel wardrobe (out of print, but people have talked about it in the sewing blogs) which advocates making a coordinated dress, jacket, pants, and skirt. Presumably you also have to make a blouse, so this pattern would be perfect. I figure I could use linen and rayon challis, so I would be wrinkled all the time but look as though that were intentional. I could also make the jacket in this Italian silk houndstooth fabric I have, this showing respect for the country I’m visiting.

This is the international color palette for this fall, so I could even follow the color suggestions in the pattern as long as I made the dress in Honeysuckle Pink instead of red.

What are the chances that I will actually do this? Hmm…