I’m not able to post pictures from here, so I’ll be putting them up when I get back.

Yesterday I started the day with peaches from my hostess’s backyard and special delicious yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I worked for abut six hours and got quite a lot done, so I felt fine about turning off the computer and being a tourist for a while. Just at that moment, my bag arrived, so I am now able to change clothes and stuff.

We drove around admiring the architecture for a bit, and then went for mani-pedis. My hostess proposed massage, acupressure scopes, and various other things, but the sybaritic nature of the mani-pedi seemed sufficient.

The salon was well-ventilated and lavish, and each of us had two handmaidens so we got to feel like oriental potentates. I assume that’s how oriental potentates felt, back when they existed. We sat in massage chairs with our feet in bubbling blue water and the attendants did all sorts of complex things with various tools and oils and lotions and stuff. I had my toenails painted a shade called “Would U Like a Licktenstein,” and I am not making that up. They buffed my fingernails to be shiny, because nail polish on my hands would just have been going too far.

They also massaged our hands, arms, feet, and legs with rare unguents — okay, with pink lotion. It was quite something.

All relaxed, we went to Whole Foods, or “the Disneyland of foods,” as my hostess calls it, for fruits and lavish salads for dinner.

Having had our meal, we went out dancing. Contra dancing, in case you are imagining me clubbing in Hollywood.

Contra dancing is sort of like square dancing — very fun and easy to catch on to, though I got dizzy.

I can tell that it’s a somewhat eccentric pastime here, because there were people dressed in the kind of outfit that announces, “Hello, I’m eccentric.” One nice gentleman, for example, wore, reading from the floor upwards, black dancing shoes, white calf-length socks, hiking shorts, and an Esperanto T-shirt. Character shoes and ankle socks were popular among the women. People in these unusual outifts were not treated any differently from anyone else, which is another sign that an activity is a special, unusual thing to do. Like science fiction cons or knitting circles, this group embraces its eccentrics.

The music was fantastic.

Everyone I met was very nice, and I enjoyed dancing, though I also sat out a lot getting my bearings because of the dizziness. I felt pretty stupid, but didn’t fall down or run into anyone, so I guess it was okay.

I was initially asked to dance by a courtly man who, when I accepted, went to change his shoes and planned to be right back. In his absence, this other guy came along and grabbed me in a manner suggesting that he had been reading romance novles with a masterful hero and I ended up on the dance floor with him in spite of my protests. He alarmed me a little, because he seemed to be getting fresh and I’m seriously out of practice in dealing with that,  but once I escaped from him, I saw that he behaved that way with everyone. Whether this is because of those romance novels he’s been reading or because his style of dance demands it I don’t know.

It was  fun anyway. We stayed till the end and then came home and talked about politics until 1:30 a.m., which people who know me will recognize as way past my bedtime.

Rehearsals begin today. I have some small bits of work to do, but just really small bits because I’m taking the weekend off.