Yesterday went according to plan. I worked intensely for a couple of hours and then headed up to lunch with The Empress, That Man, and The Poster Queen. We hadn’t all been together since the store closed.

#1 daughter had warned me not to appear too happy or successful, since of course that is irritating, so I took the opportunity to whine about the insecurity of being unemployed. The Empress spoke in strong terms about the unwisdom of accepting the job I’m currently in the throes of interviewing for. In fact, everyone I know — except for the ladies at the church who said that the economy is uncertain so I should take what I can get — has told me not to take that job. I intend to finish the interview process, at least, though the degree to which I dread driving up there on Monday ought to tell me something.

The book What Color is Your Parachute claims that jobhunting support groups are very helpful, and I have sort of thought that we displaced workers from the store could do that for one another, but we haven’t done so.

My business cards arrived. I’m not 100% satisfied with them — they seem less readable than I’d like, and the margins aren’t perfect, but they are fairly cool-looking, and #1 daughter said, “Why can’t you make your web site look like that?” That seems like a positive reaction. So as soon as my web site is live, I’ll head out to do some marketing for myself, rather than other people, and see what happens.

If you are thinking that I was foolish to put my web address on my cards before the site was up, do not worry. I have my domain. it just says “under construction” on it still.

From lunch, I went to the funeral. It was a lovely service, and very touching. I didn’t start crying in earnest till after we sang the anthem, which is all you can expect. It is hard to sing while crying: you tend to go off pitch, and the breathing doesn’t go quite right. So it is best to hold off of thinking about the person in whose honor you’re singing until after the major singing.

Then home and some intense further work for my big client. I have a Monday deadline from Client #2, but he emailed me that he was on the road, so I don’t think it’ll have to be first thing Monday. I therefore quit working when I got to quitting time.

I was very tired. This may be partly lack of sleep, but I think it was also partly the emotional fatigue of the funeral. I watched “Hot Fuzz” with #1 son, and then #2 daughter arrived with her pictures from the trip to Switzerland and Italy, and I got to hear all about it.

I’m still somewhat tired. The dog started whining in the middle of the night, and then I was awakened by a leg cramp.

This is when a muscle in your calf inexplicably ties itself into a hard and painful knot. My husband had this happen last week, and I told him it was from lack of calcium, making it sound as though it was all his fault. I had this happen last night — in spite of having lived largely on pizza and ice cream lately — and my husband rubbed it for me. He is clearly nicer than I am.

I intend to wake #2 daughter up and persuade her to go on a hike with me. We have a book proposal to work on, and also lunch with my parents,  and I plan to buy her a vacuum cleaner for her birthday. Not much of a gift, you are thinking, but the girl doesn’t have a vacuum cleaner. If I buy it for her, then she can use the funds she would have spent on the vacuum to get something more frivolous for herself.

We must also come by a cake somehow. Janalisa gave me this amazing book of cake decoration, and #1 son said he’d help me make an amazing cake. Once we looked through the book, though, we determined that our skills were not at the level of the book, so I may swing by the bakery and hope that there is a cake hanging around waiting for us to need it.

We can have #2 daughter look through the book while she eats the cake, just in case it really is the thought that counts.