I’ve sewn a couple of things since I was last here: a nightgown in very cool cotton lawn and a nightgown-like top in green rayon challis.

Nightgowns are great things for practicing sewing skills. They have little fitting to worry about and your audience, if any, is likely to be uncritical. If you have little skill, you can wear them even if they turn out badly. If you have lots of skill, you can use them to practice new things like pintucking or special buttonholes. You get a lot of wear out of them, and if you use quality fabric, you can really save, since a good quality nightie will set you back at least $50.

NIghtgown-like tops are comfy, but less defensible than actual nightgowns. This one is a new pattern (I’ll go look up the number at some point) with interesting collar options. I’m auditioning it for some expensive fabric I splurged on.

Both these garments are large floral patterns. My daughter tells me not to wear these, because a large-scale floral makes you look like a sofa. I see their point, but I like them, so what the heck.

Does the existence of these garments mean that I have finished objects and should be rejoicing, or that I am no further along in my tailoring class and should be ashamed of myself? Probably a little of both.

My big plan this weekend is to be very lazy, because I will have #2 son and #2 daughter home this week and will be presenting at a conference next weekend. This means that I should spend as much time quietly alone with a book as I possibly can, to recharge my batteries, so to speak.

Extroverts find it energizing to be with other people. They can enjoy time alone for a while, but then they need time with others to recharge and refresh themselves. Introverts are the opposite. I figure storing up some alone-time energy now will make the upcoming friends, family, and colleagues time more enjoyable.

Accordingly, I got some work and housekeeping out of the way early on and will now settle down to read, sew, and perhaps bake cookies if I feel really energetic.

Work has been very busy and is looking to continue being busy. This is good. We’re working through E-myth Mastery, getting things under control so we can continue to feel excited about the continued growth of the company, rather than as though we’re on the verge of a precipice.

Apart from work, life has been very pleasant. Friends, family, garden produce, walks with the dogs when the temperature dips down to something tolerable. No complaints.