Yesterday was a PSD (personal sewing day), but I ended up with this purple blob.

Well, it is not a blob. It is one of those fashionable mock-wrap tops. But the horizontal seam is nearly at my waist, and so loose that the effect is not so much a wrap as … hmm…  I cannot think of any pieces of clothing that include such a thing as a design feature.

There is, doubtless, a way to fix this. I will be working on it. Until then, it does not deserve a picture any better than a purple blob.

I had intended to tell you how much I liked the fabric and how easy the pattern was and stuff like that, but I am not happy with this thing. And, yes, it is all the fault of the inanimate object.


Fortunately, Jasmine was behaving better than that purple thing. I finished the first sleeve and it fit into the space it belongs in, and started the second sleeve.

This made up for the bad behavior of the purple top.

Another thing that helped make up for that was the fact that the garage door is repaired. I went to buy replacements for the broken coffeepot and the broken toaster, and to do the grocery shopping, and when I returned home, the garage door repairman had been and fixed it, without my having to do anything.

If only that happened with the housework, too. I would come home from doing the errands, and all the house would be sparkling.

Well, I do know that this is possible, and in exactly the same way as the garage door repairman is possible — you have to pay them.

But it was a nice fantasy.

#2 son assisted me in preparing this breakfast of sausage and cheese casserole and peach coffee cake. Do we detect the presence of saturated fats and simple carbohydrates here?

We do.

Today is a work day.

I have not even been to the farmer’s market, and I will regret that later in the week, but at the moment I am talking to my kid on the IM and enjoying the peaches with their brown sugar, and not caring a bit.