We went to the farmers market this morning and bought quantities of peaches. The market is a very nice place, on the downtown square of our nice little town. Local farmers, potters, cheesemakers, bakers, and even knitters congregate there, and we can do the majority of our shopping there in the summer. 

When we lived in the country, canning was a big deal. It took up most of August. We had an enormous garden, which was intended to feed us for much of the year, so canning was a required activity. We did not have air conditioning, and it was very hot to do this, but we put up lots of lovely things. When we moved into town, we went from a huge garden to a tiny one, not even enough to supply all our produce during the growing season. We gave up canning, and it was actually a bit of a relief. But now we have spent several years eating inferior (that is, store-bought) jams and sauces, and so today we gave in and canned with bought produce.

We made salsa with ingredients mostly from our own garden, but the jam was made with peaches from a local orchard. It is cheaper and better than store-bought, and canning a few jars at a time in an air-conditioned kitchen is a far cry from canning treesful of fruit in the heat. The best of both worlds, really.

We also went to our local yarn shop, Handheld, ( http://www.handheldknitting.com/)  and bought #2 daughter some yarn with some money her grandparents gave her for the purpose on her birthday. She wants to make an evening wrap.The nice ladies showed us some beautiful ones they had made, and helped her find some Brilla in gold and Rowan Lurex Shimmer in metallic gold. She is going to make a simple rectangular piece with a dropped-stitch pattern. The ladies showed her how to sew it up to make a lovely sort of shawl-cum-poncho.

Here is the front of Siv, with the neckband still on the needles. The front and back have been grafted, but obviously no blocking has been done yet. I have completed the neckband since this picture was taken, but otherwise done nothing on the body. The sleeves are ready for decreasing. #2 daughter and I plan a companionable evening with our knitting and the British comedies.