Saturday July 25, 2009

During last night’s rehearsal — I think it was the Cajun waltz section of the evening — my hostess’s three dogs all decided to get up and bark. They’ve mostly been lying in the middle of the ciricle of musicians throughout rehearsals, but last night they were moved to join in. Or possibly just couldn’t take any more. They had to be put outside.

Before the rehearsal, my hostess and I went to see Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. It was very well done. Good osundtrack, visually interesting, good story, good acting. It was very violent, and they couldn’t resist doing a slow motion scene, possibly because there is a clause in the contract saying that all violent movies must have a slow-motion scene, but otherwise it was very good.

Before that, I finished up the latest draft for the chocolatier and analyzed everybody’s stats and did the basic blogging for the day. Our performance is this evening, and tomorrow is my last day here. Monday is a day of travel.






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  1. chanthaboune Avatar

    I want to see Public Enemies! Everyone has seen it but me!