7 My lack of photographic skilz means that I have to just tell you that this Joseph’s Coat rose is particularly beautiful, with crimson outer petals and a heart of gold.

I have the whole weekend off, which is why I have time to enjoy the roses.

“Day off” for me always has to be understood to begin after a couple of hours of computer work, and “Saturday off” in particular has to be understood to include grocery shopping and housework.

However, I am excited about the prospect of grocery shopping and housework, because the results are so satisfying. If you have been living in a grubby house and the kids have eaten all the food, the opportunity to clean and restock in a leisurely fashion is appealing.

7 We’ve already established that I’m not really all that busy, and to prove it I have Ivy, in the midst of the armscye shaping.

I realize that I am still just showing you a gray stockinette rectangle. Once again, I will just tell you that it is soft and light and beautiful and hope you believe me.

This is Knitpicks Essentials, which seems to be used almost exclusively for socks among the knitting bloggers. They are missing out. This works up into a really nice fabric, and I think it will make a top which will be a pleasure to wear.

That is the Doctor’s Bag peeking out from under it. No further progress has been made on that. I may be living the life of Riley, but I haven’t had the kind of concentrated knitting time it takes to pay proper attention to the slip-stitch pattern. Especially when I have lots of lovely stockinette available to knit instead.

7One more picture, this one taken by #2 son, who enjoys taking silly pictures of the animals.

This is our intelligent dog, Fiona. You can’t tell that she is an intelligent dog from this snap, but I think that #2 son was inciting her to be silly. If she were a celebrity, she could sue him or something.

I have ascertained that my choices for breakfast are squash, cucumbers, onions, frozen peas, popcorn, or rice. I think I had better get to the grocery, or the farmer’s market at least, before the ravening hordes awaken and start calling for sustenance.