We have reached the very busy time at work. So far it is still fun. It is, however, very busy, from the moment we open the door to quite a while after we should have closed. We are racing around like mad eejits while at the same time attempting to maintain our customary placid and helpful interest in our customers’ search for the perfect frog cutout. We are the kind of place where you can normally browse for hours while listening to Mozart, secure in the knowledge that someone will always be ready to help you find the precise shade of pink you need. It is hard to maintain that atmosphere while simultaneously ringing up purchases, answering the phone, counting 60 library pockets, and answering four questions.

Note that I do not for a moment suggest that the quest for the right shade of pink and the perfect frog cutout is without merit. I think people should be allowed to be fussy and perfectionistic about approximately 20% of the details in their lives. If that means finding the ideal girl-spy novel for a niece, I’m there. Comparing the 38 different patriotic bulletin board items in the store? I’ll even suggest new ways to use and combine them. Everyone gets to decide what is important for him or herself. But not everything can be equally important. Once you’ve been obssessive about your 20%, you need to consider being resourceful and creative about the other 80%. Otherwise, I’m going to help someone else instead.

Here is a link to a knitting blogger who takes resourcefulness and creativity further than most of us: http://www.theboogerblog.blogspot.com/  Since she had some unused men’s underwear around the house, she figured out how to create a bra from it. You can find her clear directions, with photos, for turning those excess tidy whities into a nice little minimal-support sport bra. I think it would be perfect for sewing into your knitted tank tops to avoid visible bra straps. And, while single women may have to go buy fresh ones, this could be a good recycling tip for women whose husbands have switched to French boxers. Or you could merely have a laugh at the thought of it.

I have frogged and knitted on Siv’s sleeves so that I am back at the point where I was last week — that is, expecting to finish the sleeves over the weekend. We’ll see.