That’s a festive looking picture, isn’t it?

Today is Independence Day, and I’m busy not going to parties. I often don’t go to parties, and I feel lucky that people keep asking me anyway.

However, we are going to cook out today at home, and that’ll be a party of sorts.

#2 daughter called me last night to say that we needed to do page 96 of The Creative Entrepreneur, the page where we are to make a portable strategic planner.

My two daughters and I are working through The Creative Entrepreneur. It is taking us a long time, because we keep stopping in between section.

Last weekend, we were supposed to make our strategic plan, but it didn’t really happen. We set goals, but not SMART (specific,measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) objectives. Then we mixed up our strategies and our objectives, and never got to tactics at all.

So I think I’ll do what #2 daughter suggests, and spend some time this holiday weekend setting up a strategic plan section in my planner.

Yesterday I received a CD from my college chum whom I’m going to visit this month, of her singing jug band blues with a banjo-playing friend. I drove around with the windows down listening to it — well, not around, but to the bank and then to the bookstore. I had gotten a good bit of work done that morning and was trying to get a holiday feeling, or at least a sense of luxuriously wasting some time.

Didn’t really happen. I picked up the latest copy of Practical Web Design (good articles on project management) and a bargain-table book on workspaces from The Pottery Barn which I’ll use first for fodder for my Australian clients’ blog and then for inspiration for turning #2 son’s room into an office space after he leaves for college. Then I got back to work, getting my invoices out and responding to a client who didn’t like the first draft of his website .

But it was definitely a pleasure.

I got my homework (a table-based webpage, which is just wrong) turned in last night, which is a relief, and spent a little time reading. I still have work to do — a couple of hours for my Aussies — but I’m really trying to make some progress on that goal of a normal life. Farmers market this morning, and Target before it gets too crowded, and our cookout fitted around #1 son’s work schedule, and some time creating a “colorful and inspiring” Strategic Planner. Also lolling around. Sounds like a plan.