camisole I completed the camisole, giving it a curved edge with a hand-rolled hem. I believe I will make a matching slip for this. Then, having done the easy bits, I will embark on the more specialized things. Panties next. The sewing bloggers say that you can make a pair of panties in 20 minutes.

And what’s up with that, anyway? In the knitting blog community we have lots of people who can scarcely purl, and yet the sewing bloggers consist only of those who can finish a garment in 20 minutes. Where do they keep their beginners?

I still need to finish two more pieces for my SWAP Part II, and I am hopeful of making some progress there over the weekend (my weekend is Sunday and Monday — I will be at the store today). The sock is just about ready to have the toe put on, but I do not take its picture, as it looks so much like the first sock of the pair.

But satin and ribbons are fun to play around with. 

People who make lingerie point this out. They say that you get to use small bits of luxurious things, which is less extravagant than making evening gowns. They point out that you can wear your fripperies regardless of age or occasion without concern for appropriateness, because no one knows but you. They say that imperfections don’t matter (see the no one else knows bit above). So I am overcoming my distaste for multiple projects in order to continue playing with satin.

seamstress I am also trying to make buttons for the proposed SWAPalong.wardrobe

I have, after much arduous trial and error, figured out how to put words on the pictures.

I have always been enormously impressed by people’s ability to do this, and, as with so many things of that nature, I am slightly disappointed to discover how easy it is. seamstress2 You know how, in Canticle for Leibowitz, they have been meticulously filling in all the blue parts on blueprints, and then they find out that it was white ink on a blue background and have this sinking feeling because it was so simple and they had made it so difficult?

I am familiar with that feeling. closet

The thing about the buttons is that they ought to go to a page or something.

We could make a blogring for it, and have the button go there. And there would be the list of xangans who were playing along.

vintagewardrobe Or, in keeping with the low-key nature of the proposed SWAPalong, we could have the button be merely decorative. We currently have three in our group, so we can probably all remember one another.