I don’t think I showed you this picture of the local university’s garden before. I already told you the story that goes with it, though, so it can just sit here, showing off what a pretty place I live in.

Being happy with your community is one of the five essential elements of wellbeing. This includes liking and being proud of your town or neighborhood, being active in your community (whatever that means to you), and feeling valued in your community.

I have an 8 for Community Wellbeing. I have a 9 for Career Wellbeing, and a 7 for Social Wellbeing. All these are considered “thriving.”

However, I have only 6 for health and for financial. I think I have a 6 for financial because the slowness of people’s paying their invoices combined with the enormous tax bill I had to pay has left me feeling suspenseful about paying bills and a bit concerned about upcoming tuition expenses. I’m not exactly living hand to mouth, but it feels that way a bit. 

I think the 6 for health reflects my concern about still not being able to have my dental work done (that may also affect my financial score) and my knowledge that I need to make changes in order to avoid ending up like the guy on the right.

Because it seems to me that your score on their online test is all about how you feel things are going, more than about observable reality.

I haven’t read much of the book. They give you a code so you can take an online measure of your wellbeing. Then you read the book and take action steps and re-measure. So far, I’ve read about their experimental methodology, and I’ve read their claim about the key error most people make when they focus on wellbeing.

We forget, the book says, that these five elements are interdependent.

I’ll leave you with this cliff-hanger.

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