Yesterday during class the security guard rushed in to warn us about a tornado. We have no windows in our classroom, so we just carried on with class.

When I went out to my car, though, I discovered that I had left one of the windows partly open, so it was completely drenched, with water standing in all the cupholders and things. I was already wet to the skin anyway, but the windows were fogged, and every time I turned or hit a bump on the drive home, cold water would sluice onto my feet from the car’s innards.

So I came home and built a Squidoo lens for the bruise treatment people, plus one on teaching technology. I drove through for kung pao chicken and fried rice first, making it about the third day in the week that we had carry out food for lunch. I have to do a better job on shopping for lunches, obviously. I rewrote the church website, corresponded with some new potential clients (and started wooing designers), and  stopped working at 6:00.

At that point, I sat down with my knitting (still making Salt Peanuts, and I’ll show you a picture when I find my camera) and watched Clatterford. It’s  BBC comedy with an assortment of actors you’ve like in other BBC comedies, but older. One of the first scenes takes place in a church. A woman is chatting with the vicar, a stack of crocheted and knitted rectangles in her arms.

“But what are they?” he asks querelously.
“Oh, they’re hymnal covers,” she beams. “Or chalice mats. Or anything, really!”

The camera shot widens and we see that the entire church is festooned with odd afghans and shawls and things. And throughout the entire funny and touching series, which I watched in a marathon, there are odd, lumpy knitted and crocheted things, dreadful hats, peculiar sweaters — it’s great.

I set my knitting down after a bit and played with fabrics. I have a plan to make a quilt. I’m thinking of a Birds in the Air quilt with my collection of Art Nouveau fabrics. You can see what this quilt block looks like when set together here. The Quiltmaker’s Gift has a beautiful example in Japanese prints shading from dark to light and back, with sinuous applique around the outside border. I think it would be great, though I’d need to come up with a good light color for contrast — I have 16 assorted mediums and darks.

I was also thinking how nice these Moda Patisserie fabrics are, and contemplating what sort of a quilt I could make from them.

I think we all know that I don’t actually have time to make a quilt, whether from fabrics I now have or from fabrics that a person with two going to college in the fall shouldn’t consider buying. But it was pleasant to sit watching British comedies and looking through quilt books as though I were actually going to make a quilt.

What I really need to do, once it cools off in the fall, is quilt the one I already have made. I have quite a beautiful quilt pieced and sandwiched with batting and pinned and ready to quilt, and we’ve been sleeping under it with its safety pins and all.

Quilting that would be sensible.


Today I have to drive #2 son to his meeting place for his trip to the Governor’s School reunion, get my hair cut, do the grocery shopping, finish my homework, take care of the Aussies’ linkbuilding for the week, and sing at a charity do.