The workshops yesterday were fun.

One of the things I really like about doing science workshops is that they allow me to rant in a polite I’m not talking about you sort of way about how science is currently taught in the schools, versus actually teaching science. Since I get to present this alternate view to teachers, I think it is very likely that they then go back to their classrooms with some new thoughts and at least some of them make some changes. Many of them probably sort of agree with me before we start, and just need some ideas on how to implement the changes. Several of them yesterday mentioned how they were told for years not to bother teaching science at all. Just math and reading was the rule, with science and social studies “covered” by reading some things on those subjects.

I got home completely exhausted. I can hardly describe how tired I was. Not because of the workshops in particular, I don’t think, but just the cumulative effect of the week. I cooked dinner and tidied up, with I admit a certain amount of grumbling since both #2 son and my husband had been home all day, and went to bed early.

Last night #1 son called to tell us that he had gotten to the rock festival safely and was having fun and finding new favorite bands, and #2 daughter called to say that she had gotten into our town safely but was going on a date. What good kids to let us know.

I don’t know what I am going to do today. I will have to do the grocery shopping at some point. In fact, I will have to do it before breakfast because there is not a speck of food in the house but rice and flaxmeal, but beyond that I intend to be spontaneous.

There may be a little disconnect in the idea of intending to be spontaneous.