Last weekend I finished up the two-part dress for my SWAP. This weekend I may finish up the jacket that goes with this. I made a simple linen blouse just the color of the darkest flowers in this print, so I’m currently at 2 tops, 1 bottom, and almost 1 jacket.

If I were going to get in plenty of sewing this weekend, I could also make some pants — I have a nice beige linen and a khaki twill, both of which will fit perfectly into this SWAP.

However, there are other things I ought to do this weekend.

For one thing, I updated FreshPlans (my lovely educational website) to 3.0, and now I can’t put thumbnails in for my posts. I have asked The Computer Guy to have a look, but I’m a bit alarmed about this.

The Computer Guy owes me one, because I spent two unbillable hours, plus travel time, soothing down one of his clients yesterday. I don’t mind doing this, but it does make me feel better about asking him to restore my thumbnails.

Which actually sounds like a surgical procedure, doesn’t it? Or a job for a manicurist. 

I also need to do some domestic stuff. A proper grocery shopping is a must. Cleaning has to be done, since I no longer have a cleaner. And I plan to do something for my office.

My office is my younger son’s bedroom, but he is away at college, so I moved in. This has tax advantages, improves the look of my living room, and prevents my having to listen to sports on TV while I work. It’s an all-round good thing for me to have a separate office.

As you can see, this office is set up in a practical way, but perhaps not the most attractive way. It is furnished with an assortment of shabby, battered hand-me-downs, and while I don’t think it’s excessively untidy for an office, there may be ways to organize it for a better workflow. Or it may be excessively untidy, since I had to put “for an office” in there.
I saw a TV program the other day, while I was doing Free Step on the Wii Fit, in which a group of dementedly cheerful people turned a thrown-together room like this one into a chic and usable workspace for a handbag designer with $50 and some creativity.

Doubtless they also had a work crew of 12 and lots of tools. But still, I might be able to do a makeover for this room with what I have around.

I have at least provided some “before” pictures in case I get around to doing that.

I have some work to do, and grading, which is also work. But as far as I know, I haven’t committed to any events of any kind this weekend (besides church of course), so I have a full 48 hours in which to do all this stuff.

I’ve been reading Wellbeing: the Five Essential Elements, by the guys who wrote Strengthfinders. The authors, using Gallup’s profound resources to research wellbeing around the world, identified five elements that everyone has to have to achieve optimum wellbeing.

Having moved through Career, Social, Financial, and Physical wellbeing chapters, I finished up last night with Community.

Part of Community wellbeing is about living in a safe, clean place where you can drink the water. But part is about being active in your community. People who do volunteer work are happier than those who don’t. Those who actively participate in the life of their community are better off from the standpoint of wellbeing.

And, again, this element of wellbeing is integrated with the others. People who are happy at work are more likely to volunteer than those who aren’t. People who are active in their community are more likely to be healthy.

There’s more to the book. The first half of the book reported on the research results and what factors are predictive of a sense of wellbeing. The second half hones in on the specific things you can do to improve wellbeing.

I’ve only just begun that part, but I can tell you something interesting. The authors studied the levels of stress and enjoyment (using both physiological signs and self-reporting) people felt when doing various activities. The top two, tied for first place, were listening to music and playing with children.

Clearly, all our weekend plans should involve those two things.