My eye is all swollen and painful, something that happens to me sometimes with allergies, and I have to work today. I also need to clean  up a bit, do the grocery shopping, catch up on my homework, and have a virtual meeting with my daughters.

I finished up the bra I was making last night, except that I need to find wires. I went to Hancock fabrics last week to buy a set, and the nice lady there showed me that they were being discontinued and therefore were all on clearance, 65% off, so I went ahead and bought all they had.

She had agreed with me that it was a shame they were discontinuing them, so I did at least say, “Is this your size, too? Did you want any before I buy them all?”

But I did buy them all. They are not by any means the right size. I only spent $5 on them, so it’s no great tragedy, but there isn’t any local source of underwires now. I’ll have to order some, and of course you can’t order a $2 item without paying $10 shipping, so I’ll have to wait till I actually need something else from a lingerie supply shop.

I hope to go walk around the lake today. This may be an unreasonable hope. However, I was talking with #1 son yesterday and we concluded that, if I can’t get my work done in a week when I did nothing else but work, then I should go ahead and take time for gym visits and walks and meals and stuff. I still may not get my work done, but I’m already not getting my work done, so what’s the difference?

I’ve been self-employed for a year. I should have gotten this under control by now, it seems to me. Sigh.

#1 son has the car — he went camping yesterday — so I can’t run down to the farmers market for some fresh veg and strolling about. I think aspirin, maybe Benadryl, a smoothie, a few hours of work, and then some lolling around playing with my quilt fabrics will be the plan.

Have I told you about the computer guys names issue? Probably not. I don’t tell people’s names here. I think I mentioned that the two web firms I work for have foolishly similar names — I think I said it was as though one were called Allbright and the other BrightDay.

In addition to this, the individual computer guys all have very similar names. As it were, Kit and Kat and Kyle and Kale and Kim. Three called Kim, in fact. And then, let’s suppose, there was another called Jim. Kim and Jim — not too bad. However, I’ve just had a request to interview for an ongoing position with a new guy called Jim, and #2 daughter has found us another addition to the freelance stable also called Jim.

We think we may need to reject the two new guys on the grounds that they’re named Jim.

I’m not exaggerating. If I could tell you their real names, you’d see that it’s really worse in real life. I’m going to start calling one of them “Rupert.”